World War Z: A Lesson in Emergency Preparedness


My husband and I got to see  World War Z (2013 PG-13).  A zombie attack is spreading around the world, and former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) must travel the world to discover a way to stop the creatures before it is too late.  Fun movie!

Some viewers don’t like these types of zombies.  They are super fast, and once they bite a person, that person will change into a racing zombie by the count of 12.  Really!


So, if there is one zombie on your airplane flight, you know everyone will soon also be hungry zombies, except for Gerry and injured Israeli Army girl Segen (Daniella Kertesz), who survive this airplane of death by throwing a grenade so all the zombies are sucked out the the gaping hole of the plane before it crash lands just over the hill from the World Health Organization research center that Gerry and Segen need to get to.  Yup.


But the fun of the movie is trying to figure out the zombies along with Gerry.  Is the plague spread by bite, or simply by splattered blood?  Are zombies attracted to noise, or by the smell of humans? What about animals? What kills them?  Why do they ignore certain people?  How can the researchers at the World Health Organization create an antidote?  What started the plague, and where?

I like that the mother, Karin (Mireille Enos), while still Hollywood skinny, does not look like she is 18.

I like that the final race against the zombies takes place in a well-lit environment, instead of a darkened building.

And I like that the movie makes me want to be prepared for any emergency!


Keep necessary medicines and extra food handy.  We live in an earthquake prone part of the US, and have always been told to be prepared.  Every school classroom has a bin of food and water.  At home we have extra water and lots of yucky canned food we could eat if forced to.  Each of our cars has water and blankets and outdated clothing.  In the movie, the family must stop at a store for asthma medicine.  You can see that another panicked person believes beer is good for emergency situations.


Maintain a first aid kit, and know how to use it. When called to, Gerry assists Segen with her bitten hand, and keeps the wound clean and wrapped.  Our first aid kits get raided too often, and I must restock all of them.  Today.  Because you never know when you will need it for something important.


Have plenty of fuel.  My husband’s DMAT team was sent to New York to assist with Superstorm Sandy (2012) recovery, and he experienced first hand the difficulties in getting gas.  Now he insists we always keep our tanks at least half full.  Gerry and his team head to an American base in South Korea to investigate an early case of the plague. Refueling the plane to fly to Israel is dangerous, even with the help of the remaining Army personnel.


Be prepared with alternate means of communication.  Cell phones may not work in emergencies, or in the bowels of Navy ships, or in underground bunkers.  Ham radio operators can be a life line.  Battery powered radios will transmit public service information.

Go see this fun movie and be inspired to be prepared!                                                  For anything.


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10 responses to “World War Z: A Lesson in Emergency Preparedness

  1. Briana

    Hi, I agree with you on how nice it is to see that Karin doesn’t look like she’s 18 or a supermodel. I think that she really looks the part in the movie being Gerry’s wife!

  2. Yes, she is strong, and yet a real woman.

  3. I’m not a fan of the “sprinting zombie” but I found myself liking this movie anyway. I think because it was a mystery movie as much as a zombie movie. I get tired of zombie flicks telling different “how to survive” angles of the story and this focused a lot on the mystery of where it originated, what it is, etc. Good review Tonya! I heard this has already been greenlit for a sequel!

  4. I loved the movie. The fast zombies made the movie rock. I also like how the situation gradually escalated in scale. I’m now interested in seeing the original version of the movie since Matthew Fox had a greater role in the movie!

    • When the zombies breach the wall, you almost give up hope entirely. It just keeps getting worse….until the solution at the end. But is it the end??? I look forward to your review of the original, Jack!

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