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The Magnificent Seven: Then and Now


The Magnificent Seven in 1960.


Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen lead the Seven in 1960

The Magnificent Seven in 2016.  There is more variety in the appearance of the men.  Their personalities are quite individual, too.


A refreshing mix of skin tone in 2016

I haven’t seen the original, or even the Japanese movie that started it all, Seven Samurai (1954).


All three movies are about seven diverse men who band together to save a town against bad guys.  A lot of bad guys.  So many that the men need to be creative in how they fight, and use all the different talents that each man brings.

The 2016 trailer summarizes the men’s abilities, and gives a glimpse of the action in the movie.

The movie is good at giving a back story to most of the seven men, and not just the main stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt.

The movie is bad at keeping leading lady Haley Bennett covered up.



At least her dialogue and actions are true to character, and she doesn’t become some passive love interest.

A lot of people end up dead for a PG-13 movie, but they mostly just fall down dead.  There isn’t a lot of drawn out blood and guts and screams of agony.

The Magnificent Seven reminds me of another old movie where a small group of strangers join together to defend a town from bad guys.  Maybe you’ve seen Silverado (1985 PG-13).

What other movies have the good guys outnumbered?



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