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Newsies: A Movie for Labor Day


Whatever your view on the current state of labor unions, you must agree that a century ago labor unions were essential in helping the little guy.

To celebrate Labor Day weekend, watch Newsies (1992, PG), a musical based on the 1899 news paper boy strike.


Yes, that is a young Christian Bale (with red scarf) as the star of this musical.

Watch the trailer below.  It conveys the drama and excitement of the movie quite well.

A generation of kids grew up watching Newsies.  They missed the great musicals of the 1950’s, such as Oklahoma and Singing in the Rain, but may have watched The Sound of Music with their parents on TV.

Newsies was their musical, in which kids just like them sang and danced and beat the grown ups.  These kids grew up, and ran dance studios, and had the next generation of kids performing to Newsies.

Wanna know where the cast from Newsies is today?  It’s all here.

What’s your favorite scene from Newsies?

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