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50 Years in a Family – In 60 Seconds!

I saw this while on the treadmill at the gym and was fascinated – even without being able to hear it!  Watch it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Bank of America uses posed family photographs to tell the story of how a couple and their four children grow and change through the decades.  But they tell the story backwards!

Starting with an elderly couple before their anniversary party, each snapshot scene steps backwards as the couple gets younger and their children regress to infancy.

Along the way, we get glimpses of joy (a loved family dog, a son safely home from military service), and concern (a daughter’s extreme fashion choices, a rough patch in marriage). The actors have very little time to convey emotions; see if you can catch the small movements each makes to flesh out his or her character.

The set designer did a fabulous job changing the house over the 8 portraits and five decades without confusing the audience by changing it too much.  The costumes and hair are fun to see, too!

At the end, you will be surprised that it is an advertisement for a bank, instead of a camera company or life insurance or something.  Bank of America states that they are not the center of our lives, but will try to help us connect with the things and people who are.

Which family member or situation do you connect with?

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Blues at the Park and in the Movies



This weekend we hung out at a local park and enjoyed some good blues harmonica for Spring Harp Fest!  That’s Jake and Elwood from the Blues Brothers movie above, with our family below.


After a day hearing great music, I thought we should watch The Blues Brothers (R 1980), especially since we had listened to the soundtrack a lot during a long trip when my girls were young.  The Blues Brothers follows Jake (John Belushi) and Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) as the travel around gathering musicians to “put the band back together.”  But what about that R rating?  Maybe it is an “old R”, and not really bad.

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is a terrific resource.  From the Parent Guide page, I discover that profanity is the issue. “About 15 f-words. Many uses of s**t. Many hells and damns. This movie would probably be PG-13 or even PG were it not for the language.”

Too bad we couldn’t watch it, because I remember it has fun musical numbers for each band member they try to convince to re-join the band.  The styles range from country western to early jive, with famous musicians performing with Jake and Elwood.  These are my three favorite musical scenes:

    Ray Charles at the Music Store     Cab Calloway Saves the Show

Did you know that Disney made a Blues Brothers movie for the elementary school crowd?


Watch The Country Bear (G 2020) version of the Blues Brothers diner scene, this time with pop singer Jennifer Paige:

None of these clips have harmonica playing in them, but both movies do.

We didn’t watch this movie either, because it is for younger kids.  But it was fun when we saw it years ago!

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