On Location in Lone Pine: Iron Man and Tremors


We’re on the road to Lone Pine, where construction workers, and sheep, are mysteriously killed in Tremors (1990 PG-13).

lone_pine_mapLone Pine, California, has been the site of hundreds of movies and commercials since the early days of film.  We camped there recently, then came home and watched two movies featuring the dramatic desert scenery of Lone Pine.


Lone Pine becomes Afghanistan for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in the first Iron Man (2008 PG-13).


While demonstrating his super missile to the troops in Afghanistan, Tony Stark gets kidnapped. In a remote cave (also in Lone Pine) he creates his first version of Iron Man and learns a bit of humility.


There is no snow on the Sierra Nevada mountains in our picture due to a very dry winter.


Tremors (1990 PG-13) takes place entirely in the Alabama Hills outside of Lone Pine, which serves as an isolated community that is attacked by underground worms.  It sounds campy, and it is!  Fun movie (with a bit too much bad language).  Watch Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as handymen who unite the town to combat the worms (and get the girl).  Reba McEntire and Michael Gross are great as extreme survivalists.


Standing on the boulders is the only safe place for the people. See, they shot up a worm (the guts are all over the rock)!


The valley is strewn with hundreds of boulder formations, which we had so much fun climbing on!

Since we’ve been to Lone Pine, we now recognize it in many movies and especially car commercials.



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3 responses to “On Location in Lone Pine: Iron Man and Tremors

  1. Gary Maass

    Did you find any of the exact filming locations from Tremors?

    • The scene with the construction worker with the jack hammer is on the Tuttle Creek Road. There is a private home at the spot in the road, but you can still pull over and take a photo. There is a great Lone Pine Film History Museum that has more specifics. Have fun exploring!

  2. Gary Maass

    Beyond the Tuttle Creek Road scene do you know of any others?

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