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Max: A Standout Movie in a Summer of Sequels


Here are the movies currently showing near me:

Minions – animated sequel aimed at kids and parents

Magic Mike XXL – sequel aimed at women

Terminator Genisys – sequel aimed at men

Ted 2 – sequel aimed at Milenials

Jurassic World – sequel aimed at everyone

Pitch Perfect 2 – sequel aimed at show choir teens

Spy –  soon to have sequel

San Andreas – non sequel disaster flick

Inside Out – animated movie about depression

The Gallows – scary

Self/Less – not sure

Max – patriotic dog

All those movies, yet the choices are rather limited to something like we’ve already seen.  My advice:  Go see Max (2015 PG).


If you’ve seen any of those other movies this summer, you’ve probably seen the trailer to Max.  Pretend you didn’t.  The trailer does not match the real movie.


Big brother Kyle (Robbie Amell) is a Marine dog handler who gets killed in action.  Max, the dog, can’t work in the battlefield anymore and is adopted reluctantly by teen brother Justin (Josh Wiggins).  Justin’s parents (Thomas Haden Church and Lauren Graham) grieve and try to understand sullen Justin, who would rather hang with his friends.


The movie is about how Max the dog and Justin grow together, and how they work together to solve a mystery.  Adventure, humor, grief, and teen friendship all mix together lightly to create a quality adventure movie.

That’s it.  A well acted, well written, fun movie that all ages will enjoy!


You could look deeper.

The movie shows the self doubt and posturing teens go through to try to figure out how they fit in their world.  When your older cousin is a thug, how should you handle it?  Chuy (Dejon LaQuake) struggles with this, and we see his normally jokey personality become subdued.  Carmen (Mia Xitlali) plays the tough girl, yet she is really just testing boundaries and wants approval.

Hero worship is tricky.  Marine buddy Tyler (Luke Kleintank) returns home to adulation, yet in private he is cynical about the whole military situation.  Justin’s dad was wounded in the first Gulf War, and doesn’t tell his story anymore.

Chuy’s cousin is the same age as Justin’s brother – they were on the wrestling team together in high school.  After high school, the choices you make steer your life’s path (brother becomes hero, cousin becomes criminal).

Justin’s parents a regular people busy working and parenting their sons.  Maybe over the years they forgot they were in love with each other.  See how tentatively they hold hands on the Fourth of July.



Go see Max!

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