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Little Boy: Big Surprise for a Little Movie


Little Boy (2015 PG-13), directed by Alejandro Monteverde, tells the story of a small boy in a California town who believes that with enough faith, and actions to build that faith, he can bring his dad home safely from World War II.

The big surprise in this movie is how many types of people will enjoy it!


  • Star watchers.    Many of the actors, hidden under 1940’s hair and wardrobe, are well known.  My teenage daughter and I kept nudging each other and whispering, “That’s the guy from that Monk show,” and “Isn’t that the mother from that other WWII movie?”


  • History buffs.  The entire movie looks and feels authentic for the period.  And those of you who know history will feel really smart for figuring some things out in advance.


  • Children.  The little boy (Jakob Salvati) is very close to his loving father, who imagines stories in which they are the heros.  There are town bullies that pick on Little Boy, and we see his father captured during fighting, so you will have to decide for yourself if the PG-13 rating means your child should wait to see it.


  • Teens.  The older brother is played by David Henrie, famous for his starring role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.  In the long running TV show, he plays the geeky big brother.  In this movie, he is the big brother who has to keep the family business running while his dad is gone.  He shows an intense range of emotions, and is a quality actor.


  • Church people.  Little Boy hears in church that if he has faith like a mustard seed, he can move mountains (Matthew 17:20).  Father Oliver (Tom Wilkinson) discusses this pracitality with him, and suggests he complete a list of good works to ‘strengthen’ his faith.  Father Oliver handles Little Boy’s tricky questions with honesty and shows how Christians grapple with God’s will.


  • Schools.  One of the things on Father Oliver’s list for Little Boy is to befriend the only Japanese man (Cary-Hirojuki Tagawa) in town.  The movie does not shy away from the unpleasant way the government treated Japanese living in America during World War II.  This movie has humor and drama and conflict and action, and would be a terrific classroom movie.

Check out these other articles about the movie, and then watch it yourself.  It’s a good movie for everyone!

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