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Love Actually: Christmas Story for Adults


Love Actually (2003 R) is a great English comedy romance movie for Christmas.  Excellent movie!  But don’t watch with your kids!

Ten different stories of love take place together and separately over the month leading up to Christmas Eve.

***I started to list all the story lines, then deleted them.  The director (Richard Curtis) can tell the story better than I can write it here.  So, go watch the movie!***


I first saw the movie on an airplane.  Airplanes show movies that have been edited for offensive material.  One entire story line was missing because of nudity and implied sex.  There are some bad words, but with the British accent, most of them fly by me.    But for those two things I would hesitate watching with kids or teens.


It’s easy to get confused about the relationships, but that’s okay.  Don’t stress, and just sit back and enjoy.  If you must know, here is a good relationship recap.  But don’t read it until after you have watched the movie, because some of the relationship reveals are the kind that make you gasp, or grin.


As the stories unfold and you get involved with the characters, you will identify with someone.  Some characters you will think should just do something different or say something else.  But one or two characters will really touch your heart.


By the last 30 minutes I just can’t stop grinning!  I love how the problems and situations cascade and accelerate to the conclusion.  Not all stories have happy endings, but many do.

Fun movie!

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The Lego Movie: A Special Guest Review


We watched The Lego Movie (2014 PG) with my sister and her daughters.  The girls (ages 3 to adult) review it for you!

What did you like best about The Lego Movie? “Everything, because everything was awesome!” “By taking everyone to jail, um, that’s good.”  “I liked the twist at the end.” “I liked the message in the movie which taught that everyone is special in their own way. You just have to believe in yourself.”


How could the movie be better?  ” I would have liked a little more back story behind the beginning.” “Nothing, it’s already amazing.”  “Needs better jokes for older people.” “The movie would’ve been better if the universe was on it’s own and Will Ferrell and the kid didn’t control their world.”


Who would like this movie?  All of us agreed that anyone who loves playing with Legos, or has built things with them in the past would really like this movie.  Also Will Farrell fans, and adults with a good sense of humor.

Thanks for taking the time to give this review!


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