Captain America: A Good Avenger Movie


Captain America:  The Winter Soldier (2014 PG-13) is the next in the series of Avenger movies (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America are all Avenger superheros).


Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a super soldier from World War 2 who gets frozen and woken decades later to help save the world from bad guys in Captain America:  The First Avenger (2011 PG-13).  S.H.I.E.L.D. is the government organization charged with defending the world from bad guys, and S.H.I.E.L.D. calls on the Avengers for help, which we see in their various movies.

Here are the things you just have to take as a part of an Avenger series movie:

  • There are a lot of fights, and Avengers win them all.
  • The main characters come close to dying, but survive to fight another day.
  • The bad guys seem to die, then come back at the end to secretly recover, ready to cause problems in the sequel.
  • The boys are all muscular, and the girls are all thin.
  • Everyone can hack into computers, snack machines, and underground tunnels with ease.
  • Thousands of bullets fly, and most all of them miss.

So, accept these silly things as truths, and enjoy this Captain America movie.  Here are my favorite parts:

S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be infiltrated by traitors.  Steve is saddened, and is leaving the building.  As the elevator descends, people get in the elevator with him.  Watch as a different style of bad guy gets on at each floor –  paramilitary, devious business men, Russian gangsters, ninja fighters.  As the audience catches on, it’s fun to see who gets on the elevator next!

Captain America is just Steve, a soldier made artificially strong, then pulled from his proper timeline and dropped into the present.  Several times in the movie we get a glimpse of how he deals with the adjustment.

Here is an intrepid viewer who has found the differences in what Steve wrote in his notebook, based on what country the movie is showing in:


What things do you think Captain America should add to his list of things to watch, hear, and read?


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2 responses to “Captain America: A Good Avenger Movie

  1. I’d recommend he watch Seinfeld. Probably the quintessential American comedy television show, and he’d be in on a lot of pop culture at the same time!

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