Need for Speed: Either You Need It, or You Don’t


I’ll start right off telling you that I need this movie.  At the end I’ll show you why.

Need For Speed (2014 PG-13) tells the story of street racing friends who work together to bring a criminal to justice.  Sort of.  It’s really about watching the cars and watching the relationship among good friends who have worked and played together for years.


from left Ramon Rodriguez, Scott Mescudi, Aaron Paul, Harrison Gilbertson, Rami Malek

Aaron Paul stars as Tobey, the owner of an auto repair shop that he runs with these guys.  They are great at souping up 1960’s  muscle cars to street race.  The opening race is a non-computer generated race with these sweet cars.  Just listen to those engines!

To race across country, the friends need back the sweet Shelby Mustang they rebuilt, and with it comes a girl, Julia (Imogen Poots).  You can guess already that at first Tobey resents Julia, then comes to admire her.  I like that she is not perfect and that he is not perfect, and that they grow fond of each other without too much mush.


Now to tell about why I need this movie….


I have the calendar (without skimpy skanky girls, of course).


I have the stamps.


I had the car. Had. Cue sad music.

Fun movie!  Especially for me.



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4 responses to “Need for Speed: Either You Need It, or You Don’t

  1. Isn’t this just another Fast and Furious spinoff?

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