Three Mickey Rooney Movies

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Mickey Rooney could sing and dance and play tough guys and comedy roles.  Here are three of my favorite movies with Mickey Rooney:


Babes in Arms (1939 NR) is one of Mickey’s “Hey Kids, let’s put on a show!” movies, usually costarring Judy Garland.  In it the children of show business performers band together to raise enough money to keep their actor parents from being evicted and the kids sent to a state work school:

Watch Mickey and Judy, so talented and lovely, in this fun duet:


In National Velvet (1944 NR) Mickey Rooney plays a young drifter who Elizabeth Taylor convinces to help her train her horse for a big race.  This movie made Elizabeth Taylor a star, while Mickey had a smaller and more serious role than he had previously.  The preview’s old style shouldn’t keep you from watching this fun movie:


Night at the Museum (2006 PG) stars Ben Stiller as a new night museum guard who discovers the exhibits come to life at night.  Mickey Rooney plays one of the old guards in a comedic tough-guy role (“He looks like a weirdie”):

This is a fun movie in itself, and watching the three old museum guards (Rooney, Dick Van Dyke and Bill Cobbs) banter with each other and with Stiller makes it even richer:

Talented, and with a long and varied career!  Treat yourself to one of these Mickey Rooney movies today!





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