Airplane! Is it Still Funny?


Airplane! (1980 PG) is one of the first spoof movies.  This comedy makes fun of current fads and all sorts of disaster movies.  Now, it would probably be PG-13.  Is it still funny today?

Years ago I first saw Airplane! at a sleepover with a bunch of junior high friends.  I remember it was unlike movies I was used to, like The Love Bug and Star Wars.  I laughed because I thought that mature people would laugh, not because I really thought it was funny.

When my husband and I watched it recently, I wondered if I would think it was funny now that I’m an adult, and presumably would understand all the jokes.  Here’s what I found:

1.  It’s fun noting how airports and air travel have changed.

I remember holding on tightly to my dad’s hand while walking past the strange religious people at the airport.  Airplane! spoofs their zeal.

2.  Airplane!  spoofed other movies, and is spoofed in movies even today.

Airplane! spoofs Saturday Night Fever, and then gets spoofed by Elf.

3.  The dialogue is truly funny!

What is it?  Don’t call me Shirley!  All together.

I love the extreme disaster music, too.  Don’t call me Shirley.

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3 responses to “Airplane! Is it Still Funny?

  1. Good title question! I first watched this as an adult maybe 5/6 years ago. I think my expectations were a little high based on its’ reputation as one of the funniest movies ever. In the end there honestly weren’t too many moments I laughed at. It could be something where you have to be familiar with the times and what it is they’re spoofing in order to get it.

  2. You said it, Gene. If expectations are too high, then it is hard to enjoy any movie as much as everyone says.

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