The Lego Movie: A Special Guest Review


We watched The Lego Movie (2014 PG) with my sister and her daughters.  The girls (ages 3 to adult) review it for you!

What did you like best about The Lego Movie? “Everything, because everything was awesome!” “By taking everyone to jail, um, that’s good.”  “I liked the twist at the end.” “I liked the message in the movie which taught that everyone is special in their own way. You just have to believe in yourself.”


How could the movie be better?  ” I would have liked a little more back story behind the beginning.” “Nothing, it’s already amazing.”  “Needs better jokes for older people.” “The movie would’ve been better if the universe was on it’s own and Will Ferrell and the kid didn’t control their world.”


Who would like this movie?  All of us agreed that anyone who loves playing with Legos, or has built things with them in the past would really like this movie.  Also Will Farrell fans, and adults with a good sense of humor.

Thanks for taking the time to give this review!


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