Hollywood Romance in a Corset: Somewhere In Time

Hollywood has always loved a good costume romance.


Jane Seymore is a natural for period movies, and glows in Somewhere In Time (1980 PG) as a 1912 theater star managed by controlling Christopher Plummer (who also is a natural for period movies.)


In the present (1980, I guess), an old woman comes up to theater critic Christopher Reeve and says, “Return to me.”  Somehow he determines that she is the older version of the 1912 theater star.


Reeve uses vintage clothing to help him time travel back to Jane and 1912.  Wouldn’t you?

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When in 1912, Reeve moves differently in the restrictive clothing style of the time, and is aware of his social status in ways that contemporary garments do not impose on him.


But he still gets the girl to fall in love with him.

Fun, romantic movie!

What is your favorite romantic costume film?

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