Delivery Man: A Warm, Unrealistic Comedy


Delivery Man (2013 PG-13) is a movie based on an odd idea.  I’d like to watch the original Canadian version Starbuck (2011, R, French) to see how it started.  A 40-something slacker who donated sperm 20 years ago for some quick cash finds out the sperm bank unethically allowed over 500 babies to be born from his donations.  142 of those offspring are joining to sue for the identity of the male donor, David (Vince Vaughn).

What do they want from him?  Money?  A father?  It turns out that most of them just want to join together in perfect harmony to hang out a bit and watch the sun set together.  Yes, it does seem that sappy.  And out of so many kids, you would think that there would be some problem children.  And there are.  One overdoses.  One cheats on a lover.  One is a fall-down drunk.  One is an angry philosophy-spouting clinger.  One is severely handicapped.  But the rest are happy to find each other to develop relationships with half-siblings they didn’t know they had.  While singing around a campfire after eating a feast for one hundred that magically appears.  Yes, very unrealistic.

But realism would ruin the point. The point is that by caring for these people yet still hiding his identity, David can help improve their lives.  Kind of as if he were a guardian angel, he says.

So, why does everything he do actually help these people, when he is a slacker who doesn’t have much success helping the people in his own family?  Why does his father tolerate his incompetence?  Why does his lawyer friend allow his own children to walk all over him?  What did his girlfriend ever see in him?

Where are the mothers?   Where are the fathers?   Where are the sisters, the brothers?

Remember?  Realism would ruin the point.  The point is that because of their shared paternal heritage, 500 people are part of an instant family who will care about them and want to have a relationship with them.

Interesting, fun movie!  Try it, just don’t ask too many questions.  Just enjoy it.


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  1. It’s heart is in the right place, but it just never touched me in the way that it wanted to. Instead, it just felt manipulative. Good review.

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