Baggage Claim: Can Predictable Still be Fun?


You go to the movie, and quickly you determine how it will end.  Who the girl will end up with. Can the movie still be fun?  Yes!

In Baggage Claim (2013 PG-13) a single young flight attendant reconnects with all her past dates with the goal of getting engaged to one of them by the day of her younger sister’s wedding – in 30 days!  Is it predictable?  Yes!  Is it still fun?  Sadly, no.  You really want it to be fun, you really see the potential, you really see how hard the actress is trying.  But, no.  It is just tedious.


Paula Patton plays Montana, whose best friends in the airline business (Adam Brody and Jill Scott) encourage her to search out all the former men in her life, thinking that it would be faster to get engaged to someone she already has a history with.


Watch this movie, and you know pretty quickly who she will end up.  Yes, William (Derek Luke) is the right man for her.   Yes, he is the boy next door, who she had known for years.  Yes, he watches as she goes on one disastrous date after another.  Yes, he is a shoulder to cry on.  But for a movie that is predictable, this is okay.  He is the clear choice, but it could be fun to watch her stumble through the wrong men for a while first.

It is the dates that just don’t ring consistent in tone.  It is consistently funny to see her frantically dashing through the airport with the help of her airport friends at the curbside check in, ticket counter and security point.  These three workers stall each man so that Montana ends up “accidentally” running into them, thus inviting herself into each of their lives for a day/date.

One date is funny.  A big-shot singer (Trey Songz) living in luxury is actually whipped by his producer’s daughter.

One date is clever.  A rising politician (Taye Diggs) wants an idealized woman to be seen and not heard at a political dinner.

One date is all about, well, looking at a good looking man (Boris Kodjoe) who is really no good.

But together, they are a mishmash.

Watch this video clip.  You’ll see the potential.  But when you watch the movie, you’ll see it doesn’t quite work.

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