Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Still Is

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

I visited my sister and her family this week and was inspired by her Halloween decorations.  I just had to watch Michael Jackson‘s Thriller (1983) again!

It is clever how Jackson uses a movie-within-a-movie style, and he is the star of both.  Initially he is the shy 1950’s teenager on a date, then he is the hip 1980’s young man on a date.  Both times end badly for his date!  But it is fun to watch the fashions and monster styles and dance moves from this ground-breaking 1980’s video.

You can learn the dance moves, too.  There are many YouTube tutorials.  It’s important to be prepared for any “Thriller” flash mobs you may stumble upon.

13 Going On 30 (2004 PG-13) is a fun movie that features “Thriller”, too.   Jennifer Garner is an awkward teen girl who magically becomes her 30-year-old self, with her 1980’s mentality.  She saves a boring work party by pulling everyone on the dance floor to dance as zombies, including her best friend from her youth, Mark Ruffalo.

Here is a now-famous “Thriller” performance, by prisoners in the Philippines.

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