Movies that Unexpectedly Make you Cry – Katy Perry: Part of Me


On a lazy summer day I joined my teenaged daughters to watch Katy Perry:  Part of Me (2013 PG).  The autobiographical movie follows singer Katy Perry as she talks about her early career and current success while on a very busy tour the summer of 2012.  Her songs are slightly familiar to me, but the concerts were amazing because she took “candy” as a theme.  The sets and dancers and costumes are so much fun, although they are a bit over-the-top!


Just as I’m getting to know Katy, I get hit with something that makes me tear up – sick kids.  Katy meets with fans who, through the Make A Wish Foundation, get special back stage attention.  She is so sweet with them!  I grab some Kleenex.

Perry Katy  Toniann312x214

Katy is newly married to English comedian Russell Brand, but is forced to spend much of the time apart.  We follow her texts with her husband, and her impulsive flights to see him, but we start to see that the marriage is struggling.


Of course, we already know that they get divorced after only 14 months of marriage, but watching hard-working Katy as she struggles is heart breaking.


She finally breaks.  The crowds are waiting for her, her dancers are waiting for her, her hair and makeup and costume team is waiting for her, but all she can do is curl up and cry.  I cry for her, too.  So many people rely on her for their careers.  She is so young, only 27, yet thousands of people are relying on her that very moment.  Will she be able to go on stage?  The drama is real.  The sorrow is real.

Maybe I was just sensitive, because we had just gone through the stress and fun of our own daughter’s stage production.  Now, of course, she isn’t as important to the play as Katy is to her concert, but still.  The emotion is the same.


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