The Cup Song

Pitch Perfect (2012 PG-13) is a fun movie about a loner, Beca (Anna Kendrick), who joins a college girls’ competitive a cappella singing group.  For her audition, she sings while making rhythm noises on a plastic cup.  This was fun for me to see, because at junior high church camp we always played this game around the table while waiting for meals!  None of us thought about singing along back then.

The song was so popular, that the director Jason Moore released a music video of the song.  Watch the long long long shot where the camera follows the action from room to room without cutting.  Once the song starts, how many shots do you count?

Watch “Cups” (When I’m Gone)

I count two long camera shots! Amazing!  Fun song!

PS.  We saw this first on an airplane, and then again at home.  The airplane version cut out several lines due to suggestive language and one part that had to do with vomit and snow angels.  The movie was better without it.

PPS.  And the movie poster does not convey the feeling of the movie at all.


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