What Do You Do When You Watch Your Favorite Movie With Haters?

We had time to kill with the group, and so my friend chose one of her favorite movies to watch, one that is always a crowd-pleaser.  It has action, romance, comedy, adventure.  And sword fighting.

Yes, it’s The Princess Bride (1987 PG)!  Fun movie!  Can you quote any lines from it?  Our family can….


But what happens when you are watching a movie that you know is good with someone who is determined not to like it?  Here are some of the comments we heard in the first 15 minutes:

(annoyed) “Why does that bald guy keep saying, ‘Inconceivable’?”

“Dude – the prince is wearing a purple dress!”

“Was that supposed to be funny?”

Here’s the clip in question.  Wallace Shawn and his evil Brute Squad has kidnapped beautiful Robin Wright just before she is to wed the prince, and masked pirate Cary Elwes is trying to rescue her.  And, yes, it is supposed to be funny:

So, what do you do?  Do you stop the movie, or hope that they will give it a chance and be drawn into a movie that you love?

We just kept the movie running, and glanced at each other and mouthed all the great lines as they came up. Have fun storming the castle!


What would you have done?


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4 responses to “What Do You Do When You Watch Your Favorite Movie With Haters?

  1. I’m getting crabby enough in my old age to tell them to be quiet or leave…in a nice, gentle, loving, Christian sort of way:-) Great movie!

  2. Great question. I’ve had this happen before too with a different movie. Not any negative comments or questions, but more just silence at the funny parts, even when I laughed after hearing it for the 20th time! What’s worse is when it’s a movie you haven’t watched for a long time but you loved it, then when watching it again with someone else you find you no longer like it 🙂 Awkward!

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