Into Darkness: A Beginner’s Star Trek Review


We saw Star Trek Into Darkness (2013 PG13) as a family.  This movie is kind of a prequel to the TV show of the 1960’s, as the last scene is when the crew of the Enterprise takes off on their “five year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before.”  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if they said “no man”, or “no one”.  Did you catch it?

As my teenaged daughter has not seen any of the other Star Trek movies, or any of the TV series, I wondered if she would enjoy the movie.  So, I prepped her by telling her basic character descriptions, such as that Chekov has a Russian accent, and that Spock has pointy ears because he is part alien.

Here’s her take on the Star Trek characters after seeing the movie:

  • Captain Jim Kirk – a little self-absorbed, kinda bossy
  • Spock – odd, weird, overthinks everything, never lies
  • Uhura – is like, “Ok, I’ll do that,” to everything
  • Bones – magically has an answer at the end
  • Scotty – is smart, over exaggerates
  • Sulu – a calm team player
  • Khan – coy until the end, needs to be nice but is very evil
  • Chekov – a little kid in an adult’s body

We all liked the move – great action, rare foul language, with small gifts to Star Trek fans.  However, did we really need to see the blond girl strike a pose in her underwear?

My daughter also liked it, but to her the story is over.  She isn’t likely to seek out more Star Trek movies from past years, or future sequels.  Unless she is with her parents!  Fun movie!


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