Home Run: A Triple Play in the Theater


I always try to catch faith-based movies in the theater, to support Christian film making.  I live with God in my life, and cannot imagine being without His comfort and peace.

The problem is that sometimes faith-based movies are not as well made as mainstream movies.  The message may be important, but often some of the ingredients that make a movie great are lacking.

Home Run (2013 PG-13) is an excellent example of a Christian message movie that is a great movie on it’s own.

FIRST:  Quality Actors Make a Difference.  A professional baseball player (Scott Elrod) gets suspended after knocking down a bat boy (Juan Martinez) during a drunken rage over an umpire’s call. Forced to return to his home town to attend a 12 step program called Celebrate Recovery, he also must help coach Little League with a classmate from high school (Dorian Brown).  His agent (Vivica A Fox) helps to smooth out his messes.

Watch this clip; you can tell who is a real actor and who was just put in place.  Fortunately, all the important rolls are played by professional actors!

SECOND:  It’s Good Not to Notice the Cinematography.  It is distracting to have strange camera angles (like a view up an actor’s nostrils) or abrupt cuts (like from a dark interior to a bright sunny day).  The cinematographer-director David Boyd (known for shooting TV’s The Walking Dead) was in charge of directing the cameras and the actors, and his experience shows in that the camera work doesn’t show! 

THIRD:  This Movie About Addiction Isn’t Only for Addicts or Christians.  Anyone can enjoy this movie.  The characters are not just recovering from addiction, but also from abuse.  The people mention God, but the director keeps from preaching.  Producer Carol Mathews says, “I think the thing that I just want to say over and over again is that I believe that there’s a huge population of believers, Christians, who sit in our churches week after week and they’re feeling very alone.  And they’re good-willed people, they worship, they do the Bible studies, they’re decent people, but they’re buckling under a load of shame and guilt from past decisions or habits they can’t break. And I believe that this movie is for them, because I think it says, first and foremost, that they’re not alone, and that everyone struggles, and that there’s hope for change.”

As the movie finished the woman sitting near to me turned and said, “This theater should be packed.”

I agree. This is a quality film, an entertaining movie, with a message of hope.

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