Oblivion: A Special International Review


Oblivion opened in 45 countries around the world it’s first weekend.  We are friends with students from around the world, some of who saw Oblivion in the US that same opening weekend.

In the future, Earth has been attacked by alien forces.  The people of Earth fought back and won, but the aliens destroyed our planet during the war.  Now, two people are left on Earth to maintain the drones that kill the remaining hidden aliens, and to watch over the large machines that are sucking up all the water for use in the people of Earth’s new space home.


The two report daily to headquarters from their home high above New York.  Despite the loneliness and potential danger, Andrea Riseborough‘s character maintains perfect posture and enticing swimming exercises, prepares creative meals and morning coffee, all with spiked heels and flawless lipstick.  Tom Cruise‘s character repairs damaged drones while collecting Americana and wondering about a woman he remembers.


This is a science fiction film, with a lot of explanatory dialogue.  If you miss the dialogue, you miss the plot.  Why is Tom’s character tied in a chair?  Morgan Freeman‘s character explains it to you in a long speech.  But what if English is your second language (or third)?

So, here is the review by our three college student friends who are in a USA language school working to improve their English.

What do you like about the movie?

  • Korean Girl:  Everything was good.  The whole story was impressive!! After the movie ended, I was thinking about the movie again and again.  I don’t want to give spoilers for you.  I totally recommend watching this movie.
  • Saudi Arabian Boy:  When Tom Cruise went to another area and then he saw himself.
  • Korean Boy:  First I’m addicted to it’s graphics.  They made a great fictional world in the movie.  Although the Earth is totally destroyed, that virtual world is enough to catch the eyes.  And it’s background was interesting.  Although the movie’s story was hard to understand at the first time, it is so curious.

How could the movie be better?

  • Korean Girl:  It was very awesome, but I want Korean subtitles in the film.  It helps me understand the story better.
  • Saudi Arabian Boy:  Add more actors.
  • Korean Boy:  For me, it’s really perfect.  If I’m the movie director, I’ll put more actors, not only Morgan Freeman, but also the other famous actors.

Will the movie be popular in your country?

  • Korean Girl:  Yes, I’m sure about that.  This movie has a nice story and a spectacular scene.
  • Saudi Arabian Boy:  I think yes because a lot of Saudi people like fancy special effect movies.
  • Korean Boy:  Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors.  Because of his fame, this movie is advertised well.  And it’s CG special effects are really nice.  If you see the movie, you would be a big fan of it!

Thank you for your reviews!  I’m happy you liked the movie!


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