Somebody to Love: Happy Feet at the Drive-In


At a local middle school, Full Moon Drive In has started showing movies in a dirt parking lot on a huge inflatable screen.  A food truck provides Italian dinners, and another has typical movie snacks.  You can watch from your car or in chairs up front.  We sat in the cool night air and watched a great movie!

In Happy Feet (PG 2006), Emperor Penguins find their soul mates through song.  One little penguin, Mumble, who cannot sing expresses his joy through tap dancing.  He simply cannot keep his happy feet still, but how will he fit into a society that frowns on dancing?

Happy Feet Trailer  (that’s Hugh Jackman as the dad!)

The fun is how the songs are mixed together and, in some cases, revamped to the story. Here is the mama penguin Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman) being courted:

“Somebody to Love” is a great song written by Freddie Mercury for the rock group Queen. It’s a soulful song questioning a life without love.  See how Gloria (Brittany Murphy) sings it to Mumble (Elijah Wood), who just can’t sing, but tap dances instead.

From frozen Antarctica to a fairytale, “Somebody to Love” has also been used in Ella Enchanted (PG 2004).  Ella (Anne Hathaway) must obey everything she is told to do, and ends up reluctantly singing at a restaurant for giants.

Now watch and listen to the original “Somebody to Love,” performed by Queen in 1976.  These guys are not just rockers, but can hold their own against any choir!  Listen to how precisely the three backup singers work (one of them is even Freddie Mercury himself).

Movies are fun because they creatively play with great songs!  Do you have any favorite music that has been used in movies?

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