Teenagers in ‘Oz’ – a Special Guest Review


After a long day of high school midterm exams, school practices and team games, my daughter and her boyfriend watched Oz the Great and Powerful.  Here is their review:

What do you like about the movie?  It has adventure, mystery, excitement, and plot complications that prove to make it an overall enjoyable experience.  It has a nice twist to the pre-Dorothy story.

What could be improved?  The movie could have more allusions to the future story of The Wizard of Oz.  It could have mentioned the Tin Man, because they reference the Lion and the Scarecrow, but not the Tin Man.


Who else would like Oz the Great and Powerful?  Most kids would like it; although some parts are scary, the overall story is not frightening. Basically everyone could see it, because it has a bit of everything.  It’s good for most children ages 6-12, teens, and adults who saw the original Wizard of Oz when they were younger and want to see some new, scarier flying monkeys.


Thanks for the guest review!  To quote Glinda the Good Witch, “You’re capable of more than you know!”

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