Les Miserables in Japanese


We are Les Mis fans (actually, my husband merely tolerates it), and when we found out that we would be in Japan for it’s opening day, we made sure to work it into our sightseeing schedule!

That’s us in the corner studying a Tokyo subway map.

There were huge billboards in the subways and on the street and in buses, but we couldn’t tell if the Japanese were fans.

This Academy Award deserving film was shown in English with Japanese subtitles, which did not distract at all, especially since we could have sung the whole thing ourselves.  We loved it, and maybe even cried a little!

The Japan movie experience is different than in the US:

1.  Concessions:  Popcorn comes with several powder flavor choices.  We just pointed to the one that seemed closest to ‘butter’.  There were some pastry-seafood options, but we chose a hot dog, which is served with a ketchup-mustard combination sauce pack.  All food and drinks are placed in a plastic tray; much easier to handle than a paper box!

2.  Seats:  Our ticket was for an assigned seat.  The theater was only about 1/3 full, and everyone was spaced evenly.

3.  Price:  One ticket was 1800 yen, or about $18 US!

4.  Etiquette:  When the movie was over, no one applauded.  No one stood up and left.  In fact, the lights stayed out while all the credits rolled.  The whole audience sat in silence, politely watching the screen, until the entire credits were done.


The best part – we saw Les Mis four days before any of our friends back in the States!

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