Did You Read the Book First? Safe Haven


Nicholas Sparks has a formula for his books, and we love him for it!  A beautiful but damaged woman meets a handsome but troubled man in an enchanting southern town. They overcome obstacles, and have a happy ending.

Safe Haven is the latest to make it to the big screen.  It is well done, with one big exception!

Acting:  Josh Duhamel is spot-on as loving dad Alex who begins to be open to a new love in his life. Watch his expressions! Julianne Hough, as Katie, shows that fear is always just below the surface.  The kids are ideal, Noah Lomax as the wary son and Mimi Kirkland as the adoring daughter!

Wardrobe:  Did you notice how Alex starts the movie wearing ratty t-shirts, then as his awareness of Katie grows, he attempts to wear better casual clothing.  Katie, however, has no money and few possessions, so I had expected to see the same clothing more often.  And would she-who-has-been-damaged-by-men really buy a tiny bikini for her day at the beach?

Location:  Makes me want to go on vacation in North Carolina.

Sex:  There was none in the book between Alex and Katie, so why did they put it in the movie?  The anticipation was part of the charm, and timing, of the novel, which could have been transferred to the big screen just as well.

Did you see it?  Did you read the book first?  What do you think?

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